Metal Casting Quality Assurance Inspection Lab

Methylene Blue Unit & Mixer

Enables us to determine the amount of live clay in our green sand mixture typically employing western or southern bentonites or any combination of the two.

Ultrasonic Scrubber

Removes clay from sand granules to record a better methylene blue reading. The unit includes a water-jet hose assembly to speed up actual sample washing.

Sand Ro-Tap

Determines grain fineness of sands, no bake and green sand. Quality metal casting relies on the selection of quality raw material as well as the processes throughout the foundry operation.

Electronic Balance

Accurately measures the weights of various tests even with the smallest of samples.

Sand Splitter

Separates sand evenly into two parts. The grain fineness is not affected when trying to acquire smaller sample sizes.

Vulcan (A550) Combustion Oven

Evaluates loss on ignition in various sand mixtures.

Moisture Teller

Determines the amount of moisture in a green sand mix.

Tensile Tester (400-A-MDI)

Tests the tensile strength of no bake sand mix. Determines how the sand is setting up and how it will hold up against the weight of the iron.