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Slag Pots

B.W. Supply produces a wide range of slag pots from trunnions for overhead cranes to fork truck applications, to pots with wheels for pushing from job-to-job. A slag pot is a vessel for the disposal of slag at furnaces.

Small pots are mounted on wheels and moved by hand, while the larger ones are mounted on trucks for mechanized transportation.


Zinc Ingot Molds & Sow Molds

We supply zinc ingot molds and sow molds made from a 20-2500 lb. bar. Zinc sow molds can be furnished in grey or ductile iron. Ingot molds can be used for these metals: aluminum, brass, bronze, magnesium and zinc.

Various shapes, sizes, capacities of ingot molds are available. Contact us for information.


Aluminum Ingot Molds & Sow Molds

A company’s preference on sow molds can depend on a variety of factors such as aluminum quantity production, furnace heights, fork truck capacity and design requirements. We can produce a range of customized sow mold types.

We produce aluminum ingot molds and aluminum sow molds in grey and ductile iron in various sizes and shapes to meet your metal casting needs.

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