Adjustable Portable Pumps

Work safe in hazardous environments.


The 400 Series Portable Pump

Choose the 400 Series Adjustable Portable Pump that’s best for your working conditions — a standard electric motor or vane air motor with its unique form of drive. A variety of operating conditions can be achieved by using pressure regulators and flow control valves for vane motors.


Intricate Design Features

The 400 S and 400 L series adjustable portable pumps are well suited for various zinc die cast and lead applications


Rugged Steel Pump Stand

Consists of welded steel pipes and angles and has a triangular design; features ball bearing casters. Vertical adjusts from 41″ to 58″. It delivers precise positioning and is built to withstand hazardous environments and operating conditions.

Series 400 Adjustable Portable Pumps

For Zinc Die Cast & Lead Applications


Capacity: Approximately 750 lb. of die cast per minute; 1500 lb. in lead.

Series: 400T Tripod pumps custom built to your kettle dimensions.

Electric Motor: Enclosed asbestos wound, 1.5 horsepower; 220/440 volts, 60 cycle, three phase, 300-1300 RPM. Vari-drive, industrial type, ball bearing construction, equipped with 10 ft. rubber covered heavy duty cord with grounded plug. Control from trickle to full capacity.

Air Motor: Vane air motors offer a unique form of drive and incorporate advantages not found in other prime motors. Use pressure regulators and flow control valves to achieve a variety of operating conditions, including:

  • Relatively inexpensive variable speed control vs. electrics
  • Intrinsically safe in hazardous environments
  • Can be stalled indefinitely under load without harm
  • Instantly reversible
  • Positive start
  • Rugged, durable design
400 S
Zinc/Die Cast
400 L
Lead Unit
Impeller Stainless Cast Iron
Housing Stainless Cast Iron
Carrier Stainless Cast Iron
Shaft Stainless Mild Steel
Frame Stainless Angles Mild Steel
Discharge Pipe Stainless Mild Steel
Banjo Stainless or Cast Iron w/ Stainless Spout Mild Steel

Series 400 Pump Stand

  • Welded steel pipes and angles, triangular design.
  • Ball bearing casters.
  • Vertical adjust from 41 in. to 58 in.
  • Banjo detaches to hold pot and adjusts for pouring at floor or table heights.

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